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hex girl LLC is independently owned n operated by steph

♡ feel free to reach out to me anytime via email: ♡ 


domestically sourced. ethically produced. sweatshop free.

these are the core values of hex girl...

u may think to urself, "doesn't ethically sourced already pretty much mean domestically sourced and sweatshop free?" but being an ethical business is an all-encompassing practice. it is indeed synonymous with the other core values, but it's also much more. let's start from the bottom up:


sweatshop free.

all garments are made in the USA by workers that earn a living wage and are provided with safe working conditions based on OSHA regulations. so u can rest (and dress) assured that ur clothing is truly a labor of love


domestically sourced.

not only made in the USA, but sourced here as well. all cotton garments are made from textile and yarn products made in the United States in order to support local farmers and the domestic yarn industry. the ultimate goal of a strong domestic farmer and yarn industry and is to reduce the carbon footprint of the textile supply chain, which will have a positive longterm impact on the environment.


and finally...ethically produced.

so while all of these key pieces are integrated to build the foundation of ethics, it comes down to making a constant commitment to being human-centered while minimizing the negative effects hex girl leaves on the world of tomorrow:

  • all packages are wrapped with recycled, acid-free tissue paper that are printed with soy ink and made with materials that are FSC certified, meaning the paper products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.
  • by the end of 2022, all plastic polymailers were completely phased out of use and replaced with recyclable cardboard boxes to reduce individual plastic waste. 
  • the f*ck-up sale and sample sale collections are examples of some small-scale attempts to reduce the individual outputs at hex girl and upcycle what would eventually become textile waste.
  • because ethics goes beyond just environmental sustainability and should tap into community sustainability, the hex girl blog focuses on uplifting other small businesses, brands, and artists.








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